April 8th, 2013

Как Toyota Олимпиаду в Москве поддержала

Оригинал взят у nickmix01 в Как Toyota Олимпиаду в Москве поддержала
Листал я подшивки National Geographic и в июльском номере за 1978 год встретил такую рекламу
The Complete National Geographic_ 1978 Jul
Вот есть нечто удивительное в западной демократии - мы не поддерживаем Олимпиаду в Москве, но мы и не мешаем Тойоте помогать нашим спортсменам и делать бизнес.
A $1,000,000 DONATION.
As you may know, our Olympic athletes are not government subsidized So they need money to train now if they're going to win in Moscow in 1980
Here's our plan: Toyota and your participating Toyota dealer will make a donation for the U S Olympic team every time a new Toyota car or truck is sold through June 30th,1978 Help us make our sales goal, so we can give $1,000,000 or more, to help build a tough U S team. When you buy a new Toyota, you'll also get a specially designed Olympic pin, patch, and a certificate thanking you for your support Now you can get a tough Toyota, and a tough Olympic team.
Three "Gold Medal” first prizes, worth over 5134,000 each. How d you like to win all of this. A $100,000 condominium in Snowmass, Colorado. Two brand-new Toyotas $5.000 in AMF Sports Equipment A Nikon FM Camera A $1,000 Levi Shopping Spree. A 3-week trip for two to Moscow, Munich, and Montreal, with $10.000 in pocket money And a Sony Color TV. in case you get bored That's just the first prize Three lucky people will win them Good luck!
Ten “Silver Medal" second prizes. Every "Silver Medal" winner will receive a Toyota Corolla SR-5 Liftback. a $1,000 AMF Sports Shopping Spree, a Nikon FM Camera, and a one-week trip for two to the European Track and Field Championships in Prague. Czechoslovakia And $2,500 cash
1000 “Bronze Medal" third prizes. A Nikon FM 35mm Camera with 50mm F2 lens. Nice to have around even if you can't make it to the games."

Как помнится, официально команда у США, да и большинства стран Запада официально не приехала, а те олимпийцы, что прибыли с миссией "спорта и дружбы" себя ососбо ничем не прославили, но ... есть такой факт в истории Олимпиады-80 и Toyota

P.S. Кстати, как выясниось эта реклама была и в июльском номере американского Playboy